Process Planning
M&D has Planning Team and Production Control Team who have an experience several years. They can control Production Process as set up Plan. M&D set up Master Plan and Weekly Plan to control Production Process for making parts in a short time and keep quality for supporting as customer requirements.
M&D has Engineering Team who has an experience in create drawing from 2D to 3D effectively and accuracy for making parts which have high quality.Besides that they develop Production Process which have high potential under main policy as below: Kaizen Activity and High Quality Short Lead Time Production (To make parts in a short time)
Material Planning (MP)
M&D has Planning for controlling quality of Raw Material by using the materials which have the " Certificate of Material 's quality"for quality assurance. And we manage the kind of material by grouping clearly also.
Machining Center (MC)
Machining Center Process with high precision and fast. This process can control the precision of production parts till to maximum 10 Micrometer. MC Team able to make products both Electrode and Parts by Machining Center Machine. Also they can make the angle of Mark Punch in high precision.
Surface Grinding (SG)
Surface Grinding Process is process which grind surface of parts to smooth and grind parts as required drawing. This process was separated to Rough Process and Finish Process by Auto and Semi-Auto Grinding Machine.And Surface Grinding Team can control surface of parts at Surface Finishing Value " Ra"
Polishing process. And decorative pieces. To the surface. Contrary to your work surface to be polished like a mirror.
Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)
Electrical Discharge Machining Process makes parts by using Electrode release electric charge to parts. Parts&Electrode is in Dielectric Fluid. Parts and Electrode will not touch together because it has the space called "Gap Clearance" M&D has EDM Machine and EDM Team who has a high experience. M&D can make New Parts,Modify Old Parts and Repair Molds and can control tolerance to 0.002-0.005 Micron.
Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (WEDM or Wire Cut )
Wire Cut Machine is machine which is the same type of EDM Machine.Different Point is EDM use Electrode for processing but Wire Cut use wire to cut parts in vertical shape. M&D has Wire's sizes are 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3 mm. in dai. and can keep at precision minimum R 0.05 micron by using Φ of wire 0.1 mm.
Quality Control (QC)
Quality Control 's Team respond to quality inspection of all parts in "Final Inspection 100%" before delivery parts to customers called "PDI" (Pre-Delivery Inspection) . At the present , M&D has "JIDOKA" Activity which is the Tool for protection and checking the abnormal point in production process for preventive the defect parts flow out to next process.
Process Planning (PP)
Engineering (EN)
Material Planning (MP)
Machining Center (MC)
Surface Grinding (SG)
PElectrical Discharge Machine (EDM)
Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (WEDM or Wire Cut )
Quality Control (QC)
Machine List
1. MACHINING CENTER DAHLIH 720 X720xY460xZ510 ACCURACY 0.007 mm. 1
2. MACHINING CENTER HAAS X508xY406xZ508 ACCURACY 0.003 mm. 1
3. EDM EPOC 3 SODICK 300x200x250 ACCURACY 0.005 mm. 1
4. EDM A4R SODICK 400x350x350 ACCURACY 0.005 mm. 1
5. EDM AQ35L SODICK 400x350x350 ACCURACY 0.005 mm. 1
6. EDM AM3L SODICK 400x350x350 ACCURACY 0.005 mm. 1
7. EDM EA8 MISUBISHI 400x350x350 ACCURACY 0.002mm. 1
8. WIRE CUT A350 SODICK 350x250x150 ACCURACY 0.002mm. 1
9. WIRE CUT AQ537L SODICK 370x350x350 ACCURACY 0.002mm. 1
10. WIRE CUT AQ300L SODICK 350x250x150 ACCURACY 0.002mm. 1
11. SURFACE GRINDING OKAMOTO 350x150x200 ACCURACY 0.003mm. 1
12. SURFACE GRINDING OKAMOTO 300x150x150 ACCURACY 0.003mm. 1
13. SURFACE GRINDING NICCO 300x150x150 ACCURACY 0.003mm. 2


CYLENDER GRINDING TOYODA Spindle speed 2720 rpm. 1
15. MILLING EUMEGA Spindle speed 2720 rpm.Table 790x350x350 1
16. MILLING PHOEBUS Spindle speeds 2720rpm.Table 790x350x350 1